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DX-105 Gaussmeter

DX-105 Gaussmeter 高斯计(中文版)

DX-105 Gaussmeter



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DX-105 Gaussmeter


DX-105 Gaussmeter is a desktop gaussmeter. Which is based on the latest progress of the Hall Effect magnetic field measuring instrument.Adapt the high stability constant current source circuit technology to design and manufacture. Test probe adapts imported GaAs linear Hall-chip, the difference between any two probes is small, which can be replaced directly when it is damaged. DX-105 Gaussmeter is an ideal DC magnetic field test instrument.


1. DC magnetic field measurement;
2. DC magnetic field distribution measurement;
3. The magnetizing measurement of the permanent magnets;
4. The magnetic field distribution measurement inside the DC coils;
5. The air gap magnetic field measurement of DC electromagnets.


1. Direct reading of measured magnetic field;
2. DC polarity judgement;
3. One key of auto zero;
4. One key of range switch;
5. Setting the maximum and minimun values of measured magnetic field;
6. Hints when exceeding maximum and minimum values setting;
7. With RS232 interface and software, connected with PC.


1. Power supply: 220V ± 10V/0.5A, 50Hz
2. Range: 0-±300Gs, 0-±3KGs, 0-±30KGs three gears
3. Accuracy: better than 1.0% (0 ~ ±10KGs); better than 2.0% (10KGs ~ ±20KGs); better than 4.0% (20KGs ~ ±30KGs);
4. Minimum resolution: 0.1Gs
5.Operating environment: Temperature: 0℃~50℃, Humidity: 35~80%
6. Dimension: 300mm × 280mm × 96mm
7. Weight: 3.2kg

Probe options:

DX-105 Gaussmeter can be matched with one of following three probes according to actual measurement:
1. Axial probe: L60mm, Dia. 3.0mm, Sensitive area: 0.5mm×0.5mm;
2. Transverse probe (Standard probe): L60mm, W3.5mm, T0.6mm, Senstive area: 0.5mm×0.5mm;
3. Superthin probe: L40mm, W1.2mm, T0.35mm, Senstive area: 0.25mm×0.25mm.

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