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Closed-loop control Helmholtz coil system
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Closed-loop control Helmholtz coil system

I. Closed-loop control principle

The closed-loop control of the Helmholtz coil system, can automatically control the magnetic field generation. The system is composed of connected fluxgate meter, Helmholtz coils, power supply, computer, which formed a set of closed-loop control system. The system uses fluxgate meter to achieve the actual magnetic field, which will forward measurement signal back to the computer, after software processing, directly the computer control coil power output constant current size, in order to achieve the geomagnetic field compensation or the vector magnetic field required by the user, the user can set the magnetic field required directly by software. Helmholtz coil is equipped with a vertically adjustable platform, and adjusting the position of the test sample.

II. System Appearance reference

(the photo is bigger magnetic field generation with gauss meters, for your ref.)

Closed-loop control Helmholtz coil system

Closed-loop control Helmholtz coil system

1. Coil Size and Magnetic field
X-coil:Dia. 775mm
Y-coil:Dia. 625mm
Z-coil:Dia. 500mm
Coils thickness:20mm
Magnetic field:-1Gs~1Gs;
Stability:1m Gs/h, Min. Stepping:0.1mGs

2. Program-controlled power supply(20V/1A)
We’ll design 3-route(Positive and negative) program-controlled power supply

III. Software interface

XYZ three vactors real measurement and display and XYZ resultant vector size, and graphically display intersection angle of the resultant vector.
The control software can automatically set, control and display the magnetic field size, and can record the magnetic field values ​​for a long time. Easy to operate, clear display.

Closed-loop control Helmholtz coil system


IV. Adjustable mounting bracket

The designed size meet installation space requirements, the mounting plate can be adjusted up and down, using fixed-point support, and up and down adjustment is interval of 5 cm. The maximum weight is not more than 30kg, the entire amounting bracket is stable. Installation board center position is slotted, and be placed gaussmeter probe.

V. Computer and Controlling software.

The computer is Lenovo brand, the memory is not less than 2GB, 19-inch LCD display, hard disk capacity is 400GB with read-write DVD drives, PCI slots is at least four, USB interface is at least four, COM serial is no less than two.

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