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Micro Hall Probes

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Micro Hall Probes

Gallium arsenide Hall probe is a hi-tech product of our company, it has the features of the minimum package size compared with domestic similar products, good magnetic linearity, good consistency, small temperature drift. The package size and electric performance parameters have reached the international advanced level. Compared with old product, it overcomes defects of large volume,  measuring point far caused big magnetic attenuation, poor accuracy, bad magnetic linearity , only single measurements, poor firmness, easy to damage.Axial two dimensional probe can be done radial diameter 0.9mm, axial 3D probe can be done diameter 1.2mm,. which are probes with smallest package sizes in the world, meet the special needs of national defense scientific research. Hall probe is the key element for making Gaussmeter ( Teslameter ), it determines the performance and quality of Gaussmeter (Teslameter), our company produces four kinds of Hall probes and various Hall sensors.

The characteristics of the probe and the correct choice


1) Gallium arsenide Hall sensor is the key element of the Gaussmeter, then the size of active region ( test sensitive region ) becomes the key, the smaller the magnetic strength test calculation more accurate, the diameter our Hall sensor active zone is only 0.10-0.15mm, greatly improves the measurement accuracy. It is particularly important in the non uniform magnetic field, the magnetic sensing area size also affects the spatial resolution of magnetic measurement.
2) Gallium arsenide Hall sensor magnetic linearity is the lifeline of Gaussmeter measurement accuracy, our probe has the lowest 0.5uV stable linear output, linearity ( 0-3T ) full range remained at 0.2% excellent level. Temperature drift < 0.03% / ℃.
3) Probe assembly process and size are the keys of Gaussmeter performance, because of large magnetic attenuation gradient, in order to ensure accuracy, it should be closer to the magnetic signal, we use the newest process for making probe after soft sealing only 0.2mm, metal after hard sealing only 0.5mm, which reaches the leading level in the world.
4) Tiny imbalance voltage, because Hall sensor is a four ends equivalent circuit bridge device, any one of bridge four arms has a tiny deviation, it will make the bridge out of balance. Semiconductor technology, material uniformity could result in a signal output when no external magnetic field, which is the unbalanced voltage or offset voltage. We can reach the international level of less than 0.2mV.
5) Good sensitivity temperature coefficient, low power stability, good consistency and in 15000 hours of reliability test lay the firm foundation for a new generation of high performance probe.


Dexing technology Hall probe covers the measuring range of 3 to 5 orders of magnitude, we have a special method for measuring when beyond the conventional range, but it will lose accuracy. Choose the correct probe type to ensure optimal performance of the desired measurement range.
1) the high sensitivity Hall sensor probe is commonly used in measurement of wide range conventional magnetic field, the range of high precision could reach 30KG, low end high precision can measure 0.01G,  overrange is agreed but not look as the measurement precision.
2) ultra high sensitivity of the sensor probe can measure 0.001G when used for edge areas and different earth field detection, It is an effective ultra high sensitivity sensor


The orientation and characteristics of detection target is the key of choosing transverse, axial, flexible, two-dimensional or three-dimensional probe.
1) transverse probe is usually thin rectangular, successfully used in all kinds of magnetic fields, the surface measurement of magnetic materials, or small gap and general open field measurements such as MDX801 series.
2) axial probe is generally cylindrical, its application includes measurement of an annular magnet center, solenoid, surface field detection and general magnetic field induction. Select 1ADX801 series according to the length of probe.
3) flexible probe is encapsulated in flexible epoxy resin, it has no strong protection in the probe portion, easily damaged, but ultrathin 0.20mm only, applied in narrow gap measurement.
4) the two-dimensional and three-dimensional probe is usually cylindrical, used for measuring two-dimensional, three-dimensional magnetic field and space magnetic field. Select 2ADX801 series, 3ADX801 series according to the length of probe.

Frequency and durability

Hall probe is also suitable for non static measurement direct field or regular AC fields, but the selection of appropriate probe should achieve optimal performance.
1) metal encapsulated probe is the best choice for DC and low frequency AC, because they provide the best delicate protection, brass is the best choice in nonferrous metal, but it will produce eddy current effect and bring certain error when frequoency over 800Hz.
2) non metal encapsulated is preferred for high frequency AC, but easily damaged.