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Spectometer Measurement System

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LED Spectometer System HP8000

HP8000 High Speed LED Measurement System is made up of small Monochromator and CCD-array detector. The characteristics are test fast, convenient use, long time service, excellent reliability etc. It's the ideal choose to test LED and all series light material.

The HP8000 is a specially packaged version of the KSP2000 and includes accessories specifically for measuring various photometric,radiometric and colormetric properties of LEDs.

LED Spectometer System HP8000 LED Spectometer System Spectrophotometers

The needle directly inserts the type (two feet, three feet), high efficiency power LED, the food manatee, pastes the piece and so on the dispersion of light minute color test facility. The high clear real color liquid crystal display, does not need to match the computer in addition, the man-machine exchange contact surface is good; The standard optical fiber connection, the CCD high speed spectrum, the luminosity, the integral ball structure and the software photoelectricity integration check-out facility may directly connect the printer printing test report, the Excle preservation data, favor the analysis; A main engine disposition correlation installment, completely satisfies the photosource the light color electricity each kind of performance test and the analysis, and carries on the aging, divides chooses and so on the correlation experiment. Is suitable to the laboratory, the quality testing department research and development test, also may use to the production line fast test divides chooses ordinary LED, the high efficiency tube, to paste the piece, the food manatee and each kind sends the photosource. The automated integration rate is high.

Performance parameter of LED Spectometer System HP8000:

The system can determine spectral power distribution,chromaticity coordinates,correlated color temperature,color rending index(Ra),color difference ,peak wavelength,spectral half width,dominant wavelength,color purity,luminous fiux,test for photometery,colorimetry& electricity of LED characteristics. Test Speed: <1s
Range of wavelength: 380nm-780nm;
precision Accur:± 0.5nm ;
Range of Dominant Wavelength(?D): 380nm-700nm Accuracy: ±1.5nm
Accuracy of chromaticity coordinates: ±0.0025(x,y)
(under standard illuminate A)
Range of Correlated Color Temperature(CCT): 1500K-25000K Accuracy: ±3%
To electric current (I F ) : 0.1mA ~ 2.0 A ;
Forward voltage (V F ) : 0.1 ~ 20.00 V
Reverse electrical current (I R ) : 0.01 µ A~200 µ A ;
Reverse voltage(V R ) : 0.1 ~ 20.00 V
Luminous intensity survey scope: 1 mcd ~ 300.0 cd( near field ) ;
1 mcd ~ 3000 cd( far field) ;
Range for luminous flux(Fv): 10mlm-2000.0 lm Accuracy: ±5%
Electrical parameter measuring accuracy: 0.5 level;
Luminosity measuring accuracy: A level;
Typical measurements provided by the HP8000-LED Measurement System are:
Total Radiant Flux(Watts)
Total Luminous Flux(lumens)
Total Spectral Flux (Watts/nm)
Total Power (Watts)
Dominant Wavelength
Spectral Purity
Correlated Color Temperature
Peak Wavelength
Color Rendering Index
Spatial Radiation Measurements delete
Averaged Luminous Intensity (lumens/sr)
Averaged Radiant Intesity (Watts/sr)

Characteristics And Specifications of LED Spectometer System HP8000

1)Fiber coupling light input
2)Low stray light performance
3)High spectral resolution
4)High sensitivity
5)High dynamic range
6)Value monitor for pass/fail testing
7)Research-grade precision
8)Application configurable with wide array of optional accessories
9)Traceable calibrations from 380nm to 780nm, optional calibrations for spectral intensity. (special: 200nm-780nm, 700nm-1100nm)
10)Accuracy of wavelength: ±0.5nm(peak wavelength)
11)Accuracy of chromaticity coordinate: ±0.001
12)Best for measuring: LEDs, low light LEDs, High Power LED, SMD LED,Flux LED, Miniature Lamps.
13)Spectral results in milliseconds
14)Auto-merge with Word®and Excel®
15)Hardware design in concert with CIE 127 and CIE 84 recommendations
16)Range for luminous flux: 10.0mlm-2000.0lm(Used with the suitable integrating sphere)

Electrical specifications of LED Spectometer System HP8000

1)Forward current (IF): 0.1mA-2000.0mA
2)Forward voltage (VF): 0.01V-20.0V
3)Reversed current (IR): 0.01µA-100µA
4)Reversed voltage (VR): 0.01V-20.0V

HP8000 Application Software Features:

Compact Spectrometer

1)Real-time graphics utility
2)Value Monitor with pass/fail, visual/audible alarms
3)Excel® and Word® compatible
4)Display, log, and store resultant data
5)Chromaticity calculations including x,y,z , u,v , etc.
6)Comparison cursors
7)High Resolution CIE Plots with Accumulating Coordinates Zooming and Dominant Wavelength Tracking
8)Accumulation graphs for time studie

The HP8000 Application software is a highly intuitive Windows® based software package which combines utility programs and data reduction routines with specific application software, for a completely integrated operating system. The software operates on any Microsoft® compatible computer utilizing full mouse and/or keyboard control for menu selection.