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DX-330 Digital Vector Magnetometer
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Digital Vector Magnetometer

Model: DX-330 Digital Vector Magnetometer

Digital Vector Magnetometer

DX-330 Digital Vector Magnetometer


DX-330 Digital Vector Magnetometer uses the latest technology for magnetic field measurements, being the world’s leading level. The panel operation is very easy, has good man-machine communication interface. VGA display screen with large size, it can easily display all the information you need, and you can make the choice of whether to display. All selection can be realized by the operation button on the front panel. VGA monitor can simultaneously display a variety of different measurements in each channel: three dimensional magnetic field density, temperature, maximum, minimum, date, time. DX-330 Digital Vector Magnetometer has function of data storage, real-time data digital output and analog signal output of each channel. It can be matched with triaxial fluxgate probe.


Bright wide view angle VAG / 5 ¾-bit readings resolution
Basic accuracy: ±0.50% of reading ±0.05% of range
Maximum/Minimum value keeping/ Interface locking
Basic resolution: 1nT
Data storage (auto/manual)/ Historical data reviewing
Auto-zero/ Auto-range
Probe auto calibration/ Auto memory operation mode
Threshold setting and alarm
Display units: nT, mG
Zero setting/ Relative measurement mode
Measurement software graphics display, communication baud rate adjustment
RS-232/ USB/ Data communication/ Analog signal interface
Time and brightness setting
Dozens of optioanl basic probes



1. Probe
Number of probe input: three
Refresh rate: 3 times/second
Probe compatibility: DX series fluxgate probes
Probe function: auto identification, auto calibration
Probe connector: 15 pin D type (DB15)

2. DC measurement
DC measurement accuracy: ±0.50% of reading ±0.05% of range
Measurement range: 0-100000nT
Resolution: 1nT (0.01mG)
Temperature coefficient: ±0.03%/ ℃ of reading
Probe direction: vertical probe X marked the magnetic field in X direction , vertical probe Y marked the magnetic field in Y direction, vertical probe Z marked the magnetic field in Z direction.

3. Front panel
Display type: (480*320) 3.5 inch clolor LCD   
Display unit: nT, mG
Keyboard: 14 keys function keyboard
Function: directly operate with keyboard, show tips



4. Interface function
RS-232C function
Baud rate: 19200, 57600, 115200
Connector: 9 pin D type (DB9), DCE (use straight-through cable to connect to PC), Monitoring analog output    X/Y/Z three lines
Output stage: real-time analog voltage output
Output range: ±3V
Output ratio: ±3V corresponds to ±3T(30kG)/ ±3V corresponds to ±30T(300kG) auto adjust
Accuracy: depending on probe
Load capacity: minimum load resistance 1k (short circuit protection)
5. General use specification
Operating temperature: 15℃ - 35℃ (rated accuracy), 0℃ - 40℃ (accuracy reducing)
Power supply: AC220V(-10%, +5%), 50-60Hz, 200W
Dimension: L520mm* W387mm * H140mm
Weight: 6kg
6. Standard probe: 3ADX801F
7. Optional:
RS232C-USB one converter for RS232C switched to USB2.0 interface or a set of IEEE485