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Product Detail:

Vacuum Melt Spinner

Model: DX Series of Vacuum Melt Spinner

DX series vacuum melt spinner is a special equipment for the preparation and research and development of “metastable material” (such as amorphous materials). Its working principle is to eject molten metal or alloy to a high-speed rotating copper roll under the condition of high vacuum, so that it is rapidly cooled to obtain a thin ribbon. The cooling rate of the melting metal or alloy is very fast (104K/s to 106K/s), so the “in-order structure” of the material can be kept and “amorphous metastable material” can be got. Usually a molten metal or alloy is cooled to below the glass transition temperature, the nucleation and crystallization occurs and metastable materials can not be obtained. DX series vacuum melt spinner has advantages of stable performance, easy to operate, suitable for the research and experimental work of a variety of amorphous and microcrystalline materials, can be widely used in the research and development of the new rare earth permanent magnetic materials, amorpjous soft magnetic materials and nano-metric materials.

Vacuum Melt Spinner
DX Melt Spinner
Vacuum Melt Spinner
Vacuum Melt Spinner

The main techinical parameters:

Melting materials (g)
Copper wheel surface linear speed (m/s)
0-70 linear adjustable
Power (kW)
Working gas
High purity Argon 99.999%
Cooling mode
Water cooling
Melt-spinning , blow-casting
Main configuration
SP-35 high frequency power suppluy; FF160-620turbo pump, 9#mechanical pump
Vacuum degree (Pa)
Special remark
This device can be upgraded to be a new device with smelting and flip-casting functions.