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Programmable Power Current Source

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DX-F2035 Programmable Power Current Source

DX-F2000 Precision Current Source


Output Current


Effective Output Voltage

Output Power

Load Range







Product characteristics:

  • Output current: -10A-+10A
  • High resolution:0. 1mA
  • High accuracy: 0.2%
  • High stability: <0.1%@10A
  • Effective voltage range: 0-170V
  • Max output power: 1700W
  • Load DC resistance range: 13-17Ω
  • Ground relations: floating output’
  • Computer interface: RS-232 (serial port), USB


  • Output current:

·Output range -10A-10A DC
·Min. step: 0.1mA
·High accurancy ±(0.2% step up +5mA) Stability better than ±0.1%@10A
·Noise/Ripple:10mA RMS Typical Value @10A
·Max output power: 1.7Kw

  • Output voltage

·Range of effective output voltage 0V-170V DC
·Open circuit output voltage:190V±10V

  • Current Reverser

·Microprocessor controlled relay reverse mode and 5 models to choose for delay time
·Shock of reversal current smaller than 1mA

  • Load adaptability

·Loading DC resistance range of full input 0-10Ω
·Output impedance >1mΩ
·Interior collocation output makes up to network

  • Load protection

·Controllable output end state
·Mode of linear Gradients deals with mutational current setting
·Rate of current linear Gradients 0.01A/S-2A/s
·Interior overpower protection

  • Scanning function

·Ⅰ,Ⅰ-Ⅲ,Ⅰ-Ⅲ-Ⅰquadrant three scanning modes
·Rate Range of linear scan: 0.01A/s, setting range of max scanning current: 1mA-10A DC

  • Automatically control

·Standard equipment with RS-232 computer interface and easy-to-use interface
·Standard equipment with inner USB-RS-232 exchange interface
·Complete computer command set
·Function of trigger output synchronization
·Function of timed continuous trigger output in the process of scanning

  • Interaction capability

·White backlight FSTN LCD display
·Essential LED state indicator
·3*4 keys interactive function keyboard operation matched display and indicator

  • Standard specification

·Offer manual for users
·Standard 4U bench top instruments, AC 220V/50Hz