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The Electromagnet Field Control Platform

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DX Sereies Electromagnets

Introduction of DX Sereies Electromagnets:

DX Series electromagnet can generate a adjustable magnetic field by changing pole cup and adjusting the air gap. The main applications include: magnetic optical studies, hysteresis loop measurement, the magnetic field annealing, Hall effect measurement studies, magnetic susceptibility measurement, magnetic resonance imaging studies , biology research, ect.

DX series electromagnet cooperates with our electromganet power supply to form electromagnetic field control platform system. This system achieves a rapid and uniform magnetic field scanning commutation through true bipolar power output, thereby avoiding thant the problem of zero intermittent reversal occurs when using a non-continuous power supply.

DXWD-73 Electromagnet

picture of DXWD-73 Electromagnet

DXSB Electromagnet

picture of DXSB Electromagnet

DXWD Electromagnet

picture of DXWD Electromagnet


Continuously adjustable magnetic pole to quickly adjust air gap, to meet a variety of unique experiments
Cylindrical and tapered magnetic pole ensures to achieve the desired magnet field strength 
Water-cooled coils to ensure the magnetic field achieve perfect stability and uniformity
Removable structure allows to easily replace the pole cap
The magnetic pole made by high pure soft iron material and the high parallel polar face structure ensure the excellent uniformity and reproducibility of the magnetic field   
Pole cap with optical path is selectable


Pole diameter in mm 73 130 130 175 175
Pole cap dia. in mm* 38 60 60 76 76
No. of coil 2
Air gap adjusting Adjustable from both sides
Air gap adjusting range 0-64 0-114 0-114 0-178mm 0-178
Resistance of coil in ohm 4 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5
Distance between two coils 64 114 114 178mm 178
Width of coil in mm 90 153 153 160mm 160
OD of coil in mm 130 365 365 465mm 465
Working Current Max. in Ampe** ±6 ±70 ±90
Working Voltage Max. in V ±42 ±50 ±60
Max power needed in KW 0.35 3.5 5.4
Magnetic field in T >1T@10mm >1.85T@20mm >2.2T@20mm
Field orientation Vertical Horizontal Vertical Horizontal Horizontal Vertical Horizontal Horizontal
Cooling mode Nature air Water cooling
Cooling water flow in l/min N/A 4 12
Pressure of cooling water in Kpa N/A 300-700Kpa
Temp. of Cooling water in ℃ N/A 15-20
Working Temp. of Coil in ℃ <120 <60
Width in mm 320 978 1038 1140 1200
Height in mm 208 860 477 925 583
Depth in mm 140 500 365 630 465
Weight in Kg 40 395 420 835 875
Power supply Recommended DXEP5 DXEP7050 DXEP7050 DXEP9060 DXEP9060

Ø  *Pole cap diameter can be special made per customer request.
Ø  **For long time operation, DXWD-73 recommended current no more than 5A.