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3D measuring meter of the distribution of the magnetic fields,magnetic field meter
Product Detail:

Permanent magnet separator

1. Vertical separator

Permanent magnet separatorThe iron mixed with debris from the funnel into the material, iron debris was flat magnetic disk surface to breathe, the material removed from the export. Flat magnetic disk left, right, is at an iron debris can be removed.





2. Hump-type separator

Permanent magnet separatorthe material from the top of the investment, after the whereabouts of two flat magnetic plate, iron debris are attracted on the disk, material removed from the exit, turn on the magnetic disk remove iron debris.
Flat Magnetic Separator





3. Flat Iron Remover

Flat Iron RemoverWe can make different size according to user requirement of a flat magnetic plate. Do upside down style or diagonal type separator.




4. Handheld magnetic sweeper

It is utensil for picking up magnetic debris, it does not need manipulator my eyes, bending over can select any of the industrial production dropped in the ground magnetic metal small parts, magnetic powder, iron filings and iron mixed property, and abandon non-magnetic waste, the operation is very simple, paste it on the floor with the introduction of magnetic debris picked up off the fast, pushing to the accumulation of Office, use of leverage to discharge debris down to you can easily unload. It is a province of work, effort and also from a special power, is an excellent tool for efficient recovery of magnetic debris.

Handheld magnetic sweeper