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Product Detail:

Axial permanent magnets

Constant Magnetic Field

Product Description

Axial permanent magnets, composed of a combination of special shapes of neodymium-iron-boron magnetic block arrays. Its magnetic field central axis has through holes, high magnetic field strength, small volume, suitable for optical experiments and axial probe calibration.

Model Pole Face Air gap Center magnetic field Center bore Dimensions Weight
(mm) (mm) (T) (mm) (mm) (Kg)
DX2508-04 25*25 8 0.3 Φ8 70x100x100 7
DX2508-07 25*25 8 0.7 Φ8 70x100x100 7
DX2508-10 25*25 8 1 Φ8 70x100x100 7
DX2508-13 25*25 8 1.3 Φ8 70x100x100 7
DX2508-16 25*25 8 1.6 Φ8 130x136x140 12
DX2508-20 25*25 8 2 Φ8 130x136x166 14